8 Online Games That Can Make Money on PC & Android

Who says online gaming is a useless business? If you think that online games are only for unemployed people who are gloomy in the future, throw away those thoughts because online games can make money. No kidding, the income earned from some of the most tempting online games.

Well, this time we will describe a number of online games that make money. Pay attention to the review as follows and who knows you can become a high-income millionaire from an online game. Like football or soccer, now e-sports are also listed in the bet bookies list, you can check the trusted and newest one in Agen Sbobet throughout South-East Asia.

8 Online Games That Can Make Money

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Who, who doesn’t know this one online game? Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the most popular game when it can also generate money indirectly. How, you can sell a Mobile Legends account: Bang, if indeed the account already has a powerful hero. The price also varies, maybe it can penetrate hundreds of thousands. Very good, right?

2. Dota 2

Dota 2 is the most favorite online game in Indonesia and a number of other countries. It’s not a new business if in this game you can produce original money, even this game has successfully created e-sports athletes. The process to produce real money in this game is almost the same as Team Fortress 2, which is by trading items. In fact, a blog recommends that players sell it on Steam Community Market. Although this technique is not complicated, it is the best way to market items from your Dota 2 character.

3. Market Glory

Market Glory is a game that can be played on a PC and also produces rupiah. In the game, players will be asked to develop a city from scratch. Here you will be asked to build a city and think about all the things in the city starting from the economy, politics, military and social. Even in Market Glory you can design a city defense strategy. Not forgetting, we are also allowed to exchange or trade with other cities. You can trade in the form of resources needed. Well, in order to make money, you can exchange the achievements of our city with Euro money. The Euro money we produce will be sent using a paypal account. If we are interested in playing this game, we need to register first. You can register by using email.

4. Web Points

Still with games that make money, this time a site called Web Points can be among PC games that can earn rupiah. Web Points are sites that have many kinds of games lightly in them. You can play the games provided by Web Points. Uniquely, each game in the Web Points will produce certain points if you can win it. Well, the points we get can be exchanged for money or credit. Interesting and want to try to make money in Web Points?

5. Golden Towns

Golden Towns is one of the PC games that can make money. Golden Towns is a site that offers games where you build a city. Yes, Golden Towns is not far from Market Glory, Golden Towns players will be asked to develop cities with techniques to build factories, highways, housing, military, and still not a few more. To generate real funds, you must have a gold mine. So, you can compete to dig a gold mine. The gold mine that we have can be exchanged into real money. Quite unique isn’t it?

6. Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is a game on Android that can also make money. This game has a card game. Many kinds of card games that you can play. Also, this Capsa Susun provides online gaming features. So, you can fight good at playing cards with other Capsa Susun players.

The thing that can make us make money from Sakan capsa is selling coins. Yes, to play Capsa Susun you must have coins. Well, if you have a coin advantage, then you can sell it to other Capsa Susun players. Want to explore making money at Capsa Susun?

7. Clash of Clans

Maybe a lot of you are familiar with the online game Clash of Clans. Yes, games that foster and compile a clan. Well, we can also fight with the clan that we made. If we have a character who has been “god”, surely it will be easier to conquer the enemy. Characters that have been “gods” certainly not only make it easy for us to fight, we can also sell those characters. If we have the best character, not infrequently other people will offer it at a rather fantastic price.

8. Texas Holdem Poker Pro

Not far from the game Capsa Susun, Texas Holdem Poker Pro also appears as among the best card games and can also make money. The Texas Hold Poker Pro game can also be played online and we can also boast immediately with fellow players in this game. For making money in Texas Holdem Poker Pro, you can make coin buying and selling transactions. Or even you can hone card playing skills and become a very great card player. That way you can make money while playing Texas Holdem Poker Pro. Online Poker games nowadays are very popular among poker’s fans, you can play from your very own home. Try some and go have some fun!