8 Online Games That Can Make Money on PC & Android

Who says online gaming is a useless business? If you think that online games are only for unemployed people who are gloomy in the future, throw away those thoughts because online games can make money. No kidding, the income earned from some of the most tempting online games.

Well, this time we will describe a number of online games that make money. Pay attention to the review as follows and who knows you can become a high-income millionaire from an online game. Like football or soccer, now e-sports are also listed in the bet bookies list, you can check the trusted and newest one in Agen Sbobet throughout South-East Asia.

8 Online Games That Can Make Money

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Who, who doesn’t know this one online game? Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the most popular game when it can also generate money indirectly. How, you can sell a Mobile Legends account: Bang, if indeed the account already has a powerful hero. The price also varies, maybe it can penetrate hundreds of thousands. Very good, right?

2. Dota 2

Dota 2 is the most favorite online game in Indonesia and a number of other countries. It’s not a new business if in this game you can produce original money, even this game has successfully created e-sports athletes. The process to produce real money in this game is almost the same as Team Fortress 2, which is by trading items. In fact, a blog recommends that players sell it on Steam Community Market. Although this technique is not complicated, it is the best way to market items from your Dota 2 character.

3. Market Glory

Market Glory is a game that can be played on a PC and also produces rupiah. In the game, players will be asked to develop a city from scratch. Here you will be asked to build a city and think about all the things in the city starting from the economy, politics, military and social. Even in Market Glory you can design a city defense strategy. Not forgetting, we are also allowed to exchange or trade with other cities. You can trade in the form of resources needed. Well, in order to make money, you can exchange the achievements of our city with Euro money. The Euro money we produce will be sent using a paypal account. If we are interested in playing this game, we need to register first. You can register by using email.

4. Web Points

Still with games that make money, this time a site called Web Points can be among PC games that can earn rupiah. Web Points are sites that have many kinds of games lightly in them. You can play the games provided by Web Points. Uniquely, each game in the Web Points will produce certain points if you can win it. Well, the points we get can be exchanged for money or credit. Interesting and want to try to make money in Web Points?

5. Golden Towns

Golden Towns is one of the PC games that can make money. Golden Towns is a site that offers games where you build a city. Yes, Golden Towns is not far from Market Glory, Golden Towns players will be asked to develop cities with techniques to build factories, highways, housing, military, and still not a few more. To generate real funds, you must have a gold mine. So, you can compete to dig a gold mine. The gold mine that we have can be exchanged into real money. Quite unique isn’t it?

6. Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is a game on Android that can also make money. This game has a card game. Many kinds of card games that you can play. Also, this Capsa Susun provides online gaming features. So, you can fight good at playing cards with other Capsa Susun players.

The thing that can make us make money from Sakan capsa is selling coins. Yes, to play Capsa Susun you must have coins. Well, if you have a coin advantage, then you can sell it to other Capsa Susun players. Want to explore making money at Capsa Susun?

7. Clash of Clans

Maybe a lot of you are familiar with the online game Clash of Clans. Yes, games that foster and compile a clan. Well, we can also fight with the clan that we made. If we have a character who has been “god”, surely it will be easier to conquer the enemy. Characters that have been “gods” certainly not only make it easy for us to fight, we can also sell those characters. If we have the best character, not infrequently other people will offer it at a rather fantastic price.

8. Texas Holdem Poker Pro

Not far from the game Capsa Susun, Texas Holdem Poker Pro also appears as among the best card games and can also make money. The Texas Hold Poker Pro game can also be played online and we can also boast immediately with fellow players in this game. For making money in Texas Holdem Poker Pro, you can make coin buying and selling transactions. Or even you can hone card playing skills and become a very great card player. That way you can make money while playing Texas Holdem Poker Pro. Online Poker games nowadays are very popular among poker’s fans, you can play from your very own home. Try some and go have some fun!

The ‘Shock’ Bracelet Keeps Yourself from Bad Habits

For many of us, checking a bank balance can produce a bad surprise if it can’t control the prevalence of spending. But now an aspiring British company can cultivate the habit of buying these items into tactile physical sensations.

A bracelet that delivers 255 volts of electricity can now be linked to bank savings, to send a “surprise” when the user’s bank account reaches below a certain threshold.

This bracelet was first introduced in 2014 by a US-based company called Pavlok.

It was initially designed as an ‘individual trainer on your wrist,’ to encourage the development of proper norms and can even be used to help stop overeating.

Now the British company “Intelligent Environments” has introduced a flexible device that can connect the bracelet to the wearer’s bank savings.

The device works according to the principles of Pavlovian Conditioning, which is a method for generating reflex or behavioral responses by teaching repetitive actions, to help people solve the bad habits of society.

The idea behind the surprising discovery was that a two-millimeter ampere would condition the user to develop and hold proper norms by linking bad standards to uncomfortable, useful surprises.

This can also be used to save heating bills, through working with smart meter gauges that encourage people to lower their thermostats. By lowering the thermostat to 3 degrees, you will save 255 pounds, based on the information we get from the Energy Saving Trust.

David Webber as chief executive writes that the idea is about consumer choice, about consumers who react to the evolution of their financial well-being.

But Professor Alan Woodward, experienced cybersecurity from Surrey University, said for the BBC that more and fewer connections were created between devices, the higher the risk of lack of security.

“Having complex interactions between systems will almost certainly lead to undesirable security weaknesses,” he said.

“This is urgent for the implications of peace in such wearable equipment,” said Liviu Itoafa, a peace researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

“Wearable devices face the same threat of peace as traditional computers. Innovative equipment that is sometimes even more vulnerable to traditional threats. Maybe even worse, in its time, this equipment will face an innovative threat, “he added.

Based on information from the report, this equipment can connect to the customer’s bank savings, which can leave the door open for cybercriminals to access bank details. Wherever the apparatus is used, what is the basis of their technology, all mobile endpoints that can connect to the network require complete peace that is confirmed by the developer before use?

Months later the company based with Boston released “Shock Clock,” which manages light electric shocks for the wearer at the same time each day, forcing them to get up early. Shock Clock was introduced through Indiegogo by the Boston-based Pavlok company and will deliver to all the world.

In the Daily Dot report, Creator Pavlok, Maneesh Sethi, was inspired to make rubber bracelets through Pavlok’s classic, natural conditioning experiment in which dogs were taught to ask for food each time they heard the bell ring.

“By adding a surprise while eating, you teach your brain to associate eating actions (or types of food) with those surprises, and can effectively limit the urge to eat recklessly that you often have,” Sethi said to Dot.

“I want to say that for the last 1,000 years, we have controlled the environment, but you have not controlled yourself, and this bracelet acts as a helpful agent in ‘taming’ yourself. And this is not about the ‘surprise’ as much as possible, is about teaching our brain to do the things we say you want to do, “he continued.

Based on information from the Pavlok site, the bracelet helps to process users and drive change, helps consumers form better norms, and Pavlok will continue to be responsible, and ensure success.

Good habits must be applied repeatedly to replace the bad habits because with the repeated application it will be a kind of so-called ‘reflex’ without having to assume first, it will automatically do good practice.

10 Optimal Creative Windows Ink Applications in Specter x360 2017

Celebrating the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft adds new interfaces and features that are friendly to digital pens. This new extra feature called Windows Ink Workspace will help users to express ideas more naturally. To use Windows Ink more optimally, you are advised to use a laptop with a touch screen and an active stylus pen like Specter x360 2017.

Equipped with an active stylus pen and four usage modes, the 2017 HP Specter x360 will be able to utilize Windows Ink features and software optimally.

To access Windows Ink, there is a select button on the lower right side that stores Windows Ink Workspace. In this Windows Ink work location, you can access the default Sticky Notes and Sketchpad software and download software that has been optimized for an active stylus pen.

Of the many Windows Ink software available, here are 10 software that will give you the experience of using a digital pen in Specter x360 2017.

  • One Note

This note-taking application from Microsoft has indeed been optimized for pen usage. OneNote is equipped with fundamental Windows Ink features such as smooth hand recording, pen and pencil options, highlighter, and “convert to shapes” feature to produce a perfect geometric format. Looking ahead, Microsoft OneNote will offer a math assistant tool that can recognize and complete math questions written on the screen with a pen.

  • Autodesk Sketchbook

This sketch application appears with a very large tool and color options. Recorded more than 140 brush presets available. We can also adjust ink flow and color gradation with precision. Other useful assistive devices include a ruler for a unique line with a straight line, ellipse to draw a curve well, symmetry to draw left and right perfectly, and still not a few more.

  • Bamboo Paper

For those who want to experience recording on the screen like on ordinary paper, Bamboo Paper must be tried. You can choose the type of paper needed. For example, writing with a mathematical useless pattern and notes, blank paper for drawing, striped paper for notes. You can also add images and record on it, then share the results to other platforms.

  • Graphiter

For those of us who have simple requirements for sketching software, there is Graphiter. This application is designed exclusively to submit the experience of taking notes with a pencil on paper on a computer. For pencils, you can choose the desired graphite pencil, starting from 2H to 8B matching the graphite scale. This application is available free of charge, and you only need to fulfill it if you want to add features like colored pencils, colored paper, and other helpful tools.

  • Scrble

This writing application appears without a few sophisticated features but has exciting variations for novice users and excellent pen responses. You will be treated to a blank canvas that can be filled with lists and illustrations, with background paper striped options, black and white whiteboard, or copies of music notations.

  • Drawboard PDF

If you often check your work in PDF format, then this software should be installed on Specter x360 2017. This PDF application provides facilities to submit annotations, highlights, writing, and pen pieces in PDF files. This application is also quite smart to recognize finger touches and pen strokes.

  • Sketchable

This is a drawing, sketching and painting application designed to be used with a pen. Even so, we can still use it to record if we don’t want to install a lot of software on a laptop. In addition to editing, we can also create new artwork from the start with the help of many available drawing devices.

  • PicsArt – Photo Studio

With the help of active Specter x360 2017 pens, you will be even more creative when editing photos. The photo-editing application that is popular on Android & iOS phones and tablets will be more comfortable to use with a pen. Moreover, there is the ease of FreeToEdit that can be used as a sticker.

  • Journalist

For those who like to write a journal or a daily book, this software will be suitable. You can write and scribble with not a few choices of pens, pencils, brushes, and exciting effects. Later the journal page will be saved in PNG, BMP, JPEG, JPEG XR, TIFF, GIF or SVG files.

  • Pro Notebook

This is software that has full benefits, from editing PDFs, drawing vector graphics, taking notes, designing interiors, to producing sketches. You can choose the hand-scratched object to enlarge, reduce, shift, and save for use in other new files.

More optimal with a pen

Although some of the software above also supports the mouse and finger as input, using an active digital pen like the HP Active Stylus will deliver a better user experience.

Also, the performance of the HP Specter x360 2017 can be relied upon when running various software that can optimize Windows Ink technology.

Various Options for Digital Reading Tools

As information technology grows, the use of electronic books or digital books (e-books) is increasing. Of course, this growth was followed by the increasingly diverse e-book reader, the e-book reader.

With the help of this tool, we not only read digital books but also seem to have our library. Because equipment in the form of tablet computers can save thousands of digital books, with a thin and light size, users can carry readers of this book anywhere.

If you say digital book readers, it might not deny the role of the Kindle. This e-book reader developed by the Amazon online book store website (www.amazon.com) is one of the first digital book readers in the world. As a result, until now the Kindle still dominates the e-book reader market.

The first Kindle was launched in 2007. Until now, Amazon has released some Kindle versions. The latest version is the Kindle Fire. This device has a screen with IPS LCD technology with a resolution of 1,024×600 pixels and measuring 7 inches. It costs the US $ 199 or for Rp. 1.8 million.

Unfortunately, book enthusiasts in Indonesia find it challenging to catch the Kindle on store shelves in the country. If there is also, the price is much higher than the official price tag. Well, this equipment can only be purchased online at Amazon.

Reportedly, Amazon is preparing to introduce the latest e-book reader, which is said to be lighter and brighter irradiation. The new device will also support a colored display. Because, on the previous version of the Kindle, the screen is still black and white.

This color display can be more unique to consumers. Because not a few Kindle users have long complained because they have to put extra light when listening in the dark.

This latest Kindle will also have an E Ink or electronic ink touch screen that doesn’t need light. The screen display is very similar to white paper. With this technology, users can read digital books more comfortably, and the eyes are not easily tired despite listening in long periods.

Besides, Kindle users can listen even though they are outdoors exposed to the blazing sun. Usually on a computer
tablet, notebook or cellphone, the screen will look unclear when outside the room or in the sun.

Not only that, but Amazon will also apply the latest Kindle with support for 3G or WiFi connections, making it easier for users to explore or download digital books wherever and whenever.

Even though it hasn’t been discovered how much Amazon will sell this newer Kindle version, news circulating the price won’t be too far contrary to the previous version.

Local reader tool

Next, to the Kindle, the e-book reader that might be glanced at is the Sony Reader. This one electronic book reader is the lightest because the weight is only about 0.1 kilograms. The touch screen also uses E Ink Pearl V220 technology with a resolution of 800×600 pixels.

To have this device, you spend quite a lot of Rp. 1.1 million. With such a price, you also get some electronic books published both domestically and abroad.

Another reader of digital books is the Toshiba BookPlace DB50. This tool is based on Android 2.3.4 and is run by Linux. This Japanese product has a 7-inch touch screen with TFT LCD and a resolution of 600 x 1,024. Storage capacity reaches 8 gigabytes and has a WiFi connection. The battery’s capability for 7.5 hours weighs merely 330 grams.

Toshiba opened the BookPlace owner’s access to the Toshiba BookPlace store to watch and get around 43,000 digital books and the latest magazine published in Japan.

Besides, there are still some digital book readers like Nook WiFi, Kobo Reader, and Pandigital Novel. Don’t forget the tablet computer like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy, which can be used to read digital books.

If you are having trouble buying this imported equipment, you don’t need to bury your hobby of reading digital books. Because Kompas Gramedia Group plans to create an e-book reader. Deputy Director of Kompas Cyber ​​Media, Edi Taslim, said that his party together with one local vendor and one foreign vendor would produce digital book readers. This tool will be introduced this year.

This business group is preparing its payment gateway to serve e-book purchase transactions online. This will spoil all digital booklice.

5 Best Alternatives to HideMyAss! Best & Cheapest 2018

HideMyAss! (HMA) Is one of the best-ranked VPNs with many reasons. This VPN offers encryption of military learning space, a robust global network of servers, high speed, and responsive customer service. Being able to unblock Netflix and other famous content is closed geographically with intuitive, user-friendly software.

However, VPN is not one size that fits all, and its features that are important to you may not be as attractive as others. At vpnMentor, we believe that the best VPN is probably something that best fits your needs, regardless of what is mentioned new reviews and users.

Furthermore, even though there are not a few positive sides, HMA has disadvantages, especially if total privacy is our number one reason for using a VPN.

In one case, HMA admits that they have stored some usage records temporarily. Because this provider is based in the UK, precisely the Five Eyes country, this is an apparent problem in the sense that law enforcement and intelligence services can request access to VPN data files.

This provider acknowledges that stored information is not good enough to associate an activity with you, but it is open to provide a problem with your anonymity when choosing a VPN. In providers like NordVPN that don’t store a list at all, you can get VPN services without taking risks.

Have we tried HideMyAss! And don’t like it, or again considering registering for this service but still have some questions, we are here to help you evaluate all your choices.

Check out more comprehensive information about the strengths and weaknesses of HMA, as well as VPN services by offering better features for your needs and excelling in specific locations.

5 of the Best VPN Alternatives to HideMyAss! – Short collection

If we need to create a quick decision, this is a brief overview of some favorite services that can compete with HideMyAss! – or in the affairs of three top VPNs, consistently beat HMA in our tests.

  • NordVPN

NordVPN offers cross-platform, user-friendly, large network software and top-notch security features. This VPN is almost flawless and is good at unblocking content, giving us easy access to Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and not a few more.

  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN gives us ultra high speed, simple software for all platforms, and encryption of military study rooms. This is not a very cheap service, but the majority of users see it worth the price thanks to the top streaming performance in the industry and the use of torrents.

  • CyberGhost

CyberGhost has a growing network of servers, user-friendly software, and the most affordable packages for a premium VPN. CyberGhost can work on almost everything that is worked on by HMA and not a few that do not have HMA, classified as protecting our anonymity with intelligence without strict registration.

  • PrivateVPN

Subscribing to one PrivateVPN will allow us to protect up to six equipment simultaneously, and the service offers spectacular value for your money.

  • IPVanish

IPVanish is a robust VPN provider that offers strong encryption, up to 10 simultaneous connections, and 40,000 impressive IP addresses.

Why We May Need Alternatives to HMA

We like HideMyAss! Shows a row of software that uses military learning space encryption. HMA has servers in 280 places in all the world with amazing 110,000 IPs, you can protect up to five more equipment with one subscription, and its features are impressive.

Nonetheless, we aspire that the choice of subscribing to HMA can be somewhat more. Other premium VPN services offer 18 months, 2 years, or even 3 years contracts, with progressively more significant discounts.

Subscribing to HMA is very long one year, which means that a reasonably large discount is not available. So if you want a long-term subscription, you can get better offers among our other top providers.

It is also necessary to mention that HMA stores data records of around 30 days. The provider stressed that the list was only saved for the destination of the diagnosis, and was solely for users, periods of connection, and duration of the sessions recorded. There is no information about the website that we visit or our downloaded files that are stored.

However, given that HMA is based in the heart of the Five Eyes area, the existence of a list of things is also far from the ideal word. If full anonymity is your highest priority, consider a VPN provider that follows tighter intelligence without registration, like our first four options below.

If your VPN usage includes using a torrent, you will be happy to understand that HMA allows P2P activities on its network. However, floods are given limits only to selected servers. As a result, HMA often cannot compete with download speeds like ExpressVPN’s.

Attractive connection modes combined in HMA software – Instant Mode, Free Mode, and Location Mode – are probably really for you. You might like VPN software that can be easier to adjust if you expect an unbeatable setting and excellent technical skills.

And finally, note that NordVPN and ExpressVPN are both useful in China if you spend time in Asia. Although it can sometimes break through the Great Wall of China, HMA does not work consistently in China, and now customers support does not offer any solutions.

The Best VPN to Replace HideMyAss!

1. NordVPN

NordVPN combines class A peace of mind features with high top-speed connections across server networks. Service aspects focused on users include easy-to-use software and excellent 24/7 customer service, with faster response times compared to what we usually get at HMA.

NordVPN uses the OpenVPN protocol to handle most of the leading platform software so that top-level peace is guaranteed. (The latest iOS applications and Mac OS software use IKEv2 which is just as safe.)

Traffic is protected with 2048-bit encryption, and all software presents a breaker button and DNS security protection. NordVPN does not store a user list at all.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee for new users, so in this matter, you can try the free service for 30 days. Just make sure we request a refund from customer service – available past direct chat – before the 30-day deadline ends.

A free 3-day trial with full network access is available. In all of this, multiplied again with support for 6 simultaneous connections on one account (winning one of those allowed by HMA), it’s easy to see why NordVPN is VPN with bulk services with the best ratings from us.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN risked its reputation at high connection speeds, and our tests showed that the delivery matched the promise. ExpressVPN can also easily break through the geographical blocks built-in streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Applications are available for operating systems and mobile equipment. The app uses the industry-standard OpenVPN protocol, but you have the option of choosing a peace protocol that is the opposite of what you expect.

ExpressVPN offers more than 2,000 servers in 90 countries. The price can be compared with the cost of HideMyAss! However, with higher speeds and channel separation features, which are not enough from HMA, you might find that ExpressVPN is better for you.

ExpressVPN follows intelligence without strict registration. Customer support is 24/7, and the agents are responsive and most knowledgeable. New users can get a 30-day refund, without asking questions.

3. CyberGhost

For premium VPNs with the best value CyberGhost stays in this position with almost 3,000 network servers in 60 countries. Besides that, with significant discounts for long-term customers it will make it far more affordable.

Even better, if you subscribe for 6 months or more, your package will be supported by a 45-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost uses military study room encryption and does not store user lists. The cross-platform application is easy to use, includes a breaker button and leak protection, and uses a secure OpenVPN protocol as a standard.

Only one subscription is allowed for up to 7 simultaneous connections – both devices are no less than you would get with HideMyAss software! See CyberGhost’s discussion to see how this VPN has risen in our rankings in recent years.

4. PrivateVPN

With low prices and long distance installation assistance, PrivateVPN is an excellent choice for VPN starters. This VPN does not keep a list of users and can protect up to 6 equipment with one subscription.

The network of servers is not extensive, only amounts to 100, but these servers are spread across all 56 countries in the world.

PrivateVPN uses powerful encryption that is supported by the OpenVPN protocol and can quickly open geographically bounded content. With the price, the service is extraordinary, to the extent that customers like it.

5. IPVanish

As you know, IPVanish has subscription packages that are similar to HideMyAss! A reasonable amount for both with weighted services high quality, but the subscription period is very long which is only available for one year. However, a year offering IPVanish is significantly much cheaper than HMA.

Impressively, IPVanish specifically has all 1000+ servers encompassing more than 60 countries, eliminating all risks due to third-party interference. And if you have not a few devices, IPVanish might be for us – protecting 10 devices simultaneously with only one subscription account.

Default IPVanish uses the OpenVPN protocol, but users can also choose IPsec / L2TP in the application. For new customers, you will get 7-day money back guarantee as a guarantee, but according to not a few positive reviews using this service, you probably won’t need it.

A little warning: IPVanish is based in the United States, a Five-Eye State, and has submitted some user data to law enforcement authorities in the past. New ownership has convinced users of their intelligence without strict registration, but we have not been able to verify this recognition.