Various Options for Digital Reading Tools

As information technology grows, the use of electronic books or digital books (e-books) is increasing. Of course, this growth was followed by the increasingly diverse e-book reader, the e-book reader.

With the help of this tool, we not only read digital books but also seem to have our library. Because equipment in the form of tablet computers can save thousands of digital books, with a thin and light size, users can carry readers of this book anywhere.

If you say digital book readers, it might not deny the role of the Kindle. This e-book reader developed by the Amazon online book store website ( is one of the first digital book readers in the world. As a result, until now the Kindle still dominates the e-book reader market.

The first Kindle was launched in 2007. Until now, Amazon has released some Kindle versions. The latest version is the Kindle Fire. This device has a screen with IPS LCD technology with a resolution of 1,024×600 pixels and measuring 7 inches. It costs the US $ 199 or for Rp. 1.8 million.

Unfortunately, book enthusiasts in Indonesia find it challenging to catch the Kindle on store shelves in the country. If there is also, the price is much higher than the official price tag. Well, this equipment can only be purchased online at Amazon.

Reportedly, Amazon is preparing to introduce the latest e-book reader, which is said to be lighter and brighter irradiation. The new device will also support a colored display. Because, on the previous version of the Kindle, the screen is still black and white.

This color display can be more unique to consumers. Because not a few Kindle users have long complained because they have to put extra light when listening in the dark.

This latest Kindle will also have an E Ink or electronic ink touch screen that doesn’t need light. The screen display is very similar to white paper. With this technology, users can read digital books more comfortably, and the eyes are not easily tired despite listening in long periods.

Besides, Kindle users can listen even though they are outdoors exposed to the blazing sun. Usually on a computer
tablet, notebook or cellphone, the screen will look unclear when outside the room or in the sun.

Not only that, but Amazon will also apply the latest Kindle with support for 3G or WiFi connections, making it easier for users to explore or download digital books wherever and whenever.

Even though it hasn’t been discovered how much Amazon will sell this newer Kindle version, news circulating the price won’t be too far contrary to the previous version.

Local reader tool

Next, to the Kindle, the e-book reader that might be glanced at is the Sony Reader. This one electronic book reader is the lightest because the weight is only about 0.1 kilograms. The touch screen also uses E Ink Pearl V220 technology with a resolution of 800×600 pixels.

To have this device, you spend quite a lot of Rp. 1.1 million. With such a price, you also get some electronic books published both domestically and abroad.

Another reader of digital books is the Toshiba BookPlace DB50. This tool is based on Android 2.3.4 and is run by Linux. This Japanese product has a 7-inch touch screen with TFT LCD and a resolution of 600 x 1,024. Storage capacity reaches 8 gigabytes and has a WiFi connection. The battery’s capability for 7.5 hours weighs merely 330 grams.

Toshiba opened the BookPlace owner’s access to the Toshiba BookPlace store to watch and get around 43,000 digital books and the latest magazine published in Japan.

Besides, there are still some digital book readers like Nook WiFi, Kobo Reader, and Pandigital Novel. Don’t forget the tablet computer like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy, which can be used to read digital books.

If you are having trouble buying this imported equipment, you don’t need to bury your hobby of reading digital books. Because Kompas Gramedia Group plans to create an e-book reader. Deputy Director of Kompas Cyber ​​Media, Edi Taslim, said that his party together with one local vendor and one foreign vendor would produce digital book readers. This tool will be introduced this year.

This business group is preparing its payment gateway to serve e-book purchase transactions online. This will spoil all digital booklice.